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Economic Updates

  • Last year, the value of pension funds in Australia ranked as the fifth largest in the world. Locally called superannuation, the pension fund market was valued at US$2.3 trillion, according to the Willis Towers Watson Global Pensions Asset Study-2021
  • Those who focus on R&D are best placed to launch out of a crisis. Australia shouldn’t be complacent and be left behind in the race.
  • We all know #COVID19 has had far reaching health, social and economic impacts. Business as usual has changed, bringing with it a new normal for #trade and #investment.
  • Those who focus on Research and development (R&D) are best placed to launch out of a crisis In a report released today by Austrade and CSIRO’s Data61 Trade and Investment Megatrends is a strategic foresight study exploring changes in the global trade and investment landscape as the global economy recovered from the 2020 pandemic and […]
  • Australia’s share of total global investment keeps rising – and has just hit 3.2 per cent according to UN data. Australia now attracts roughly A$50 billion per year of global, investment-hungry cash. This investment helps power our economy. But what keeps that foreign cash coming?
  • we look at where Australia’s foreign direct investment (FDI) comes from and the impact it has on some of our most valuable export industries.
  • The start of 2020 has brought huge challenges for Australia, with natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic impacting trade and travel. But the strength and dynamism of Australia’s economy gives us increased resilience
  • The global health crisis has heavily impacted Australia’s services exports, but there are important areas of strength to build upon.
  • Australia’s workforce has two priceless assets – great skills and an urge to innovate. This year’s Benchmark Report provides the evidence. It shows how Australia stacks up globally in terms of scientific institutions, and research and development achievements. It also sifts some of the education characteristics of our multicultural and multilingual workforce.
  • This week, long-awaited data on Australia’s international economic footprint was released. Australian Foreign Affiliates Trade 2018-19 details the location and economic characteristics of majority Australian-owned subsidiaries, branches and joint ventures overseas.

Top Performing Real Estate Suburbs

  • About half an hour’s drive south of Adelaide is the suburb of Seacombe Gardens, whose residents favour its peaceful environment, friendly vibe and convenience.
  • Coonabarabran is an inland town of New South Wales that is surrounded by the majestic mountain ranges of Warrumbungle National Park.
  • Although being a relaxed town that is removed from the bustling capital of Melbourne, Terang offers a wide range of activities that have wide appeal.
  • In opportune reach to everything that a coastal hub has to offer, Currajong is a suburb that sits in the city of Townsville.
  • A lively suburb approximately two hours from Melbourne, Benalla is a hotbed of art, action and natural attractions.
  • Heatley is a suburb that sits in the heart of Townsville and is located only 8km from the airport
  • A vibrant town of Victoria, Chiltern embraces the outdoors and prides itself in encouraging the sports, from swimming and cycling, to tennis and joining the football club.
  • Tucked in the Central Tablelands, Kandos is a town that is located 65km from the wine-growing region of Mudgee.
  • Situated in western Sydney approximately 18km from the Sydney CBD, the suburb of Lidcombe sits just west of Rookwood Cemetery, which is considered the largest cemetery in the southern hemisphere and is one of the suburb’s heritage sites.
  • Regarded as Perth’s best beach for years running, City Beach offers an expanse of white sand and a collection of amenities perfect for visitors and residents alike

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